The modern way of exercise.

New York City is often considered the fitness capital of the world and with new fitness halls popping up seemingly every day, it’s hard to argue with that statement. You may be surprised that London and Israel are leading the way for what’s bound to be the next fitness craze — EMS Training. EMS works by sending impulses generated by a device, delivered through electrodes on the skin directly above the muscles you’re working out (basically, you’re getting electric shocks while you work out). The impulses cause the muscles to contract and work harder than during conventional exercise. The training lasts for 20 minutes but is said to result in the equivalent of up to five hours of conventional exercises at the gym.

Next level EMS Technology

Fitness of the Future

20 minutes workout with the EMS system equals to 3-5 hrs in the GYM. The training involves more than 20 muscle groups at once. Various procedures: muscle training, lifting and lymph drainage.

Save Time and Money

Forget about spending tonnes of money in the sport shops for: special clothes, equipment etc. Save your time and share it with your family or your friends.

Useful and Protective

The training with our system is suitable for everybody. You do not stress your spine or your joints. EMS systems are widely used in the medicine for recreation and physical recovery after muscle, joint and spine traumas.

It Works

EMS Technology is known for more than 30 years. There are more than 5,000 EMS studios in the world. It is used as a part of their training program by famous sportsmen, such as Usain Bolt, Karim Benzema and many others.


Low-cost business entrance cost

As per our knowledge, a starting price of a full business kit for one working station with other companies starts from 8,000 €, with us, it is less than 4,500 €

Country-specific options

You can check what is the average height of an average male in Serbia. And we can dress him! Others can’t.

Advanced programming options

Our system is open and allows custom choice, others are with fixed options

Option to put your brand

If you wish we can replace the whole system with a new one when a new model comes out.

It’s more than just a workout

While the trend now is to use EMS as a workout, it can also be useful for physical therapy. “It has been used in the medical field for things like rehabilitation for decades,” said personal trainer and EMS expert Giuseppe Di Leo. “The fitness industry, however, is continuously adapting, so EMS is seeing itself targeted by athletes and regular gym users because its technology enables them to work out better, simpler and in a more effective way.” Asprey added that from his experience and research, EMS can be used equally effectively to recover from an injury or to recover more quickly from a workout.

Who Is EMS Training for?

There are different training programs (metabolism, strengthening), so it works equally well for men and women. “You can use EMS to increase your energy use when you’re leaning out or you can fully exhaust muscles during bulking,” explained Asprey.

It’s Not Just for “Lazy” People

EMS is its own training method. “It’s ideal for anyone who has the desire to get fit and healthy and it’s definitely not only for lazy people. However, you achieve far superior and quicker results than with a conventional workout plan,” explained Leon and Kaspers. “Our typical clients are busy Londoners (bankers, business owners, moms), people who don’t enjoy going to the gym, fitness lovers who want to push themselves to the next level as well as people with sports injuries or weak back/joints who cannot do conventional gym workouts.”

“It’s a mental game. The technology stimulates your muscles without your conscious decision to move them”