Medical Stimulator – bound with the “new world”

The sedentary lifestyle

Working at a desk from 9 to 5 and having a sedentary lifestyle is a significant problem resulting from the new world and can lead to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. That new way of life increases the likelihood of an earlier death almost twice. And here we are not talking about obesity, although immobilization sometimes leads to this.

Spending a lot of time in a sitting position destroys the whole organism.

A report made by the World Health Organization shows that immobility causes the death of half a million Europeans every year. The physicians, scientists, and experts on physical activity are unanimous, that in fact, four out of every five citizens of the Old Continent suffer from the catastrophic “new disease”.

Lack of movement can kill twice as many people in Europe than obesity. Researchers at the University of Cambridge claim that 676,000 deaths per year are due to immobilization and the consequences of it, compared to 337,000 where the problem is caused bybeing owerweight.

What can be changed?

It is scientifically proven that 47% of the blood in the human body is located in the lower limbs. Venous blood moves to the heart due to muscle contraction (the process is known as the second heart) and when this movement is limited, there are many prerequisites for various diseases of the cardiovascular system.


The problem can be easily resolved in the daily usage of the 8-channel SpaceLab electrostimulator. A 20-minute therapy with it stimulates the main muscle groups of the lower limbs, which is equivalent to a 20-minute walk. Due to the forced muscle contraction, venous blood with lower oxygen levels moves to the heart, from where it enters the lungs and is oxygenated (becomes rich in oxygen), while you are only standing still. This process delivers the oxygen-rich blood to all the tissues of the human body, improving the individual’s mental condition, the work of the heart and the brain, and therefore decreases the risk of death due to immobilization.


  • The Stimulator consists of the following  units:
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Current Setting Unit
  • Unit Display
  • Control Unit
  • Micro Controller
  • Analog-Digital Converters Unit
  • Current generators on the right foot/ left foot

Control and management

The control and management of the electric impedance is accomplished using a color TFT display with a built-in touch-sensitive panel,  and five main screens. Each screen has a particular purpose, allowing easy and fast adjustment of the intensity of the stimulator for each of the channels. The TFT display is made to facilitate the stimulator usage.

The Stimulator’s purpouse:

We understand the new way of living, and try to eliminate its minuses. The Stimulator is a perfect choice for:

  • “Office” people
  • People whose daily lives and work forces to stay static.
  • Immobilized people, due to a health condition.
  • Everyone, who prefer the healthy lifestyle.

Live a healthy life,

adopting the modern way to do it.