Finger Board

Climbing to the future

Bring the climbing experience to your own home with FiBo – a plank, intended for professional mountaineers and climbing enthusiasts. It brings together the professional climbing methods with the comfort felt on your own territory. Design your climbing experience at your home or in the climbing hall.

We have made something accessible to everyone – The products completed so far are really complicated, expensive, and difficult to maintain which makes them inaccessible. FiBo is the perfect choice for both amateur climbers, who love the experience in the hall, and for professional mountaineers, who need to regularly test their strength.

Set a goal and achieve it by consulting our professionals.

Test yourself. The strength measuring sensors, combined with a number of laths are made with the purpose of determining how much your grip can hold at the rung.  See your achievements on the mobile device.  Afterwards, the results automatically go to a server connecting you with our team of professionals and climbing theorists who can direct you, tell you which test you can apply to, whether you are making a mistake and how you can improve your skills. The grip range is manually controlled, and can easily be changed to your preferences – whether you like to start from the beginners point or prefer to challenge yourself.

The phone application

FiBo works using Bluetooth and connects with the phone application, suitable for a great range of operating systems. The application we use is really simple and suitable for everyone.

Just create your personal profile and embark on the journey.

The tests

Challenge yourself and others. Variety is the spice of life. Choose among the wide ranges of tests, separated into three sections – blue, green and red. The Blue section contains FiBo’s mandatory tests which are configured by our professionals by using scientific methodology.  Only certain parameters can be changed in the green section, which makes these two sections tracked by the server. The red section leaves it up to your personal desire.

In the near future, you will be able to have a race with the other FiBo users trough the server.

Because we believe that the rock climbing is a way of life, we want to ease the way to your passion on the rocky road. FiBo is created by Bulgarian and Czech professional engineers and developers with 25 years of experience and consulted with professionals in the climbing field, such as the Czech professional rock climber Adam Ondra’s trainer and many others!

Feel the compatibility, accessibility, and delight with FiBo!