Reach new heights

A climbing experience created from the thought of professional mountaineers and realized for their own purpose. 1dSAC will set foot on the highest peak of your climbing journey by testing and understanding your own strength.

Made for climbing experts

The key to success for professional mountaineers is in the understanding of their own power.

The 1dSAC display will guide you along the way – the platform shows you the type of test you will be doing, the strength that you should maintain, how much time there is left untill the end of the assignment and many more of the needed operational parameters. The display shows you what should be done exactly during the experiments, composing these tests to be as close as possible to the truth, to reach objectiveness.

At the same time, the data from the test goes directly to your computer.

The formula to understand your own power is kept on your personal computer. Once the test is complete, you see the graphics made with the process. Make a corresponding and statistical processing of your own skills.

Analyze through your computer.

The system runs on a radio line through a computer. The computer program displays a very serious system of analyzes of the frequent time studies and vector forces that are produced while applying effort on the grips. The rich variations of climbing suitable for the different handgrips holds include a sensors platform. Test your Maximum force, performance relations, mediocre forces and many more.

What effort you will do today stays up to your choice with the effortless change of the parameters of the tests.

The challenge

The biggest challenge we met – To create such a device in which our engineers had to abolish the parasitic powers, coming from the arms, which are the reasons causing the wrong strength measurements. To do so, they contrived with whatever it takes, to be able to measure the real strength  -they constructed a project which precisely measures the real durability of the arms, not the fictitious forces, a result form the law of physics – an essential parameter for the professional climbers and alpinists.

1dSAC is a Bulgarian and Czech project, created by engineers in close cooperation with specialists in the climbing field.

Our product can offer you great capability –

to the purpose of the professionals.