Understanding the value of  human life

Road accidents are the leading cause of death, especially for young people. Bypassers are among the main victims in traffic accidents – each year car crashes kill 1,27 million people worldwide, half of whom are pedestrians. Road accidents cause between 20 and 50 million injuries leading to temporary and lifetime disabilities. With the complicated traffic conditions, environmental pollution and the increasing age of drivers, these numbers tend to increase.

That is the reason for the creation of an intelligent control of traffic system on the walkways


LighTrack is the first of its kind light-signaling, intelligent pedestrian crossing aiming to help the drivers to “see” earlier potential pedestrians, even before they have set a foot on the road.
When a pedestrian approaches the crossing area the lights installed on the road lane generate an immediate ‘running light wave’ signaling.
The lights are visible from a 100 m. distance and the direction of the lighting wave indicates from which side of the road the potential pedestrian will come.

How it works

We created a system that eliminates the distraction problem through a combination of movement sensors and road-embedded light modules which deliver flashing light signals to road traffic participants.

The system has been successfully adapted and is in current use at four locations in the town center of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Perception during driving

We seek the element of surprise, creating a stronger response in drivers and respectively fewer car accidents. Over 90% of the information necessary for safe driving is received visually. The driver’s attention is involved in 85-95% of events occurring on the roadway.

Light marking is perceived much better by the driver of the vehicle regardless of age, weather factors and the degree of illumination of the roadway.

The Module

Each module is a microcomputer receiving information from the main control computer about the environment illumination and the air transparency. Based on that LIghTrack is calculating what should be the luminance of the light-signaling. The system does not only determine if it either a day or night, it changes during rainfalls, snowfalls or even when the weather is hazy and foggy. The speed of the light wave is predetermined from the main computer as well as the frequency of signaling, etc.

The system is an exciting and absolutely new and unique product with a great potential for bigger shares on the market.

LighTrack project has utility model registration.

What difference will LightTrack make?

LightTrack can not only reduce the accidents between pedestrians and vehicles and respectively save lives, but also manage to save the time wasted in a traffic jam, measuring the traffic flow passing through the facility thus decreasing fuel consumption.

The received information to the computer, coming from the modules, keeps statistics on pedestrian traffic in the area of ​​the facility and records the speed of the individual vehicles. This information is needed for the contribution of a faster travel to the ambulance, police cars, fire engine, and other vehicles.

The LightTrack modules can determine the type of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks) for each lane, record the speed of the cars, monitor the wrongly parked automobiles in the sector, and even have the potential to control traffic lights in areas with intensive hourly traffic, by sending data to them.

All mandatory standards are complied with

The system is reliable, responding and refined to comply with all mandatory standards.

LightTrack endures temperature changes, aggressive environment, a weight of up to 5 tons and environment with 100% humidity. The system self-cleans and allows fast and reliable installation.  If one of the modules comes across a problem, it can be changed immediately.

The mobile application

The drivers will be facilitated with receiving information about the traffic jam straight through their mobile device. The modules endure automatic measurements of rush hours and cars’ acceleration according to two independent methods of measurement – radio and optical one.

LighTrack is a highly innovative solution that has been already tested in real-life conditions multiple times and successfully adapted at four locations in the town center of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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