EMS System

LighTrack – Smart Zebra Crossing


LighTrack is the first of its kind light-signaling, intelligent pedestrian crossing aiming to help the drivers to “see” earlier potential pedestrians, even before they have set a foot on the road.
When a pedestrian approaches the crossing area the lights installed on the road lane generate an immediate ‘running light wave’ signaling.
The lights are visible from a 100 m. distance and the direction of the lighting wave indicates from which side of the road the potential pedestrian will come.

How it works

We created a system that eliminates the distraction problem through a combination of movement sensors and road-embedded light modules which deliver flashing light signals to road traffic participants.
LighTrack is a highly innovative solution that has been already tested in real-life conditions multiple times.

The system has been successfully adapted and is in current use at four locations in the town center of Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Module

Each module is a microcomputer receiving information from the main control computer about the environment illumination and the air transparency. Based on that LIghTrack is calculating what should be the luminance of the light-signaling. The system does not only determine if it either a day or night, it changes during rainfalls, snowfalls or even when the weather is hazy and foggy. The speed of the light wave is predetermined from the main computer as well as the frequency of signaling, etc.

The system is an exciting and absolutely new and unique product with a great potential for bigger shares on the market.

LighTrack project has utility model registration.