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A report made by the World Health Organization shows that immobility causes the death of half a million Europeans every year. The doctors, scientists, and experts on physical activity are unanimous, that in fact, four out of every five citizens of the Old Continent suffer from immobility. We have a solution for the problems, caused by the catastrophic “new disease”.

Smart City

Bypassers are among the main victims in traffic accidents – each year car crashes kill 1,27 million people worldwide, half of whom are pedestrians. That is the reason for the creation of an intelligent control of traffic system on the walkways.


Our products design a climbing experience created from the thought of professional mountaineers and realized for their own purpose. Because we believe that rock climbing is a way of life, we want to ease the way to your passion on the bumpy road.


EMS works by sending impulses generated by a device, delivered through electrodes on the skin directly above the muscles you’re working out (basically, you’re getting electric shocks while you work out). The training lasts for 20 minutes but is said to result in the equivalent of up to five hours of conventional exercises at the gym.


LighTrack is the first of its kind light-signaling, intelligent pedestrian crossing aiming to help the drivers to “see” earlier potential pedestrians, even before they have set a foot on the road.
When a pedestrian approaches the crossing area the lights installed on the road lane generate an immediate ‘running light wave’ signaling.
The lights are visible from a 100 m. distance and the direction of the lighting wave indicates from which side of the road the potential pedestrian will come.


Smart finger board for your home.

Bring the climbing experience to your own home with FiBo – a plank, intended for professional mountaineers and climbing enthusiasts. It brings together the professional climbing methods with the comfort felt on your own territory. Design your climbing experience at your home or in the climbing hall.

EMS – Electro-muscle stimulators

Fitness of the Future

20 minutes workout with our system equals to 3-5 hrs in the GYM. The training involves more than 20 muscle groups at once. Various procedures: muscle training, lifting and lymph drainage.

Save Time and Money

Forget about spending tonnes of money in the sport shops for: special clothes, equipment etc. Save your time and share it with your family or your friends.


Made for climbing experts

A climbing experience created from the thought of professional mountaineers and realized for their own purpose. 1dSAC will set foot on the highest peak of your climbing journey by testing and understanding your own strength.

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